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Covid Vaccine

Animated PSA 
Mad Earth Studio

Amalendu Kaushik 
Aishwarya Rammohan
Rejath R
Vipul Barla

3D generalist
Ayan Choudhury
Covid Vaccine
This short PSA is about encouraging people especially from rural India to get vaccinated against COVID-19.
Laxmi is an Asha worker from a small village in India, and she is well educated and aware of the healthcare system and helps to break the myths and rumours spreading around covid vaccination.
Studio Zeng_Covid_Stills_01.jpg
Studio Zeng_Covid_Stills_07.jpg
Studio Zeng_Covid_Stills_09.jpg
Studio Zeng_Covid_Stills_06.jpg
Studio Zeng_Covid_Stills_11.jpg
Studio Zeng_Covid_Stills_10.jpg
Studio Zeng_Covid_Stills_04.jpg
Studio Zeng_Covid_Stills_03.jpg
Studio Zeng_Covid_Stills_05.jpg


Studio Zeng_Covid Vaccine_ BG_02.jpg
Studio Zeng_Covid Vaccine_ BG_04.jpg
Studio Zeng_Covid Vaccine_ BG_03.jpg
Studio Zeng_Covid Vaccine_CHD_2.jpg
Studio Zeng_Covid Vaccine_CHD_1.jpg
Studio Zeng_Covid Vaccine_CHD_3.jpg
Studio Zeng_Covid Vaccine_CHD_4.jpg
Studio Zeng_ Covid Vaccine_Colour scripts.jpg
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