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About The Studio

Studio Zeng was founded in 2019 as a result of shared passion and love of storytelling. As alumni of the National Institute of Design, where we all met and ever since, we have been telling stories—local and global.

We bring young, fresh and bold ideas to the table and are not afraid of experimenting with different forms. In the brief period of our existence, we have worked on a diverse body of projects and have worked on compelling narratives as well as out of the box ideas.

Our love for storytelling is only furthered by our fascination and love for working on cross-cultural themes. Coming from different parts of the Indian Subcontinent, we love to explore the cultural diversity and similarity that this vast nation has to offer and this is a recurring theme in our works. We also often work together with young and talented artists from across the country, who enrich our work by bringing in new perspectives.

Our Clients

Amalendu Kaushik


Vipul Barla


Rejath R


The Team

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Animation Film Design

Social Awareness

Motion Design

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