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Welcome to Studio Zeng - a young and dynamic Animation Design Studio, whose storytelling is marked by bold, out of the box ideas. 
We offer a host of services including 2D Animation, CGI, Motion Design, Illustrations and Films. We are currently based out of Guwahati city, North East India.


Studio Zeng_Bordosila.png
Animated Poem for ‘Daakor Boson’
Studio Zeng_Hand Santol.png
Hand Sanitiser Ad
Studio Zeng_Kaysee.png
Music video for Kaysee
Logo reveal for AHFC 
Studio Zeng_Chitrakatha.png
Promo Video for Chitrakatha Design Marathon
Studio Zeng_Yayo.png
Short Film


At Studio Zeng the world is our playground, and Zeng Ground is home to our constant experiments. Because, curiosity might have killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back! #stayzeng
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