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Amin Hajee Film Company : Logo Reveal



NOCT India

Creative Direction

Studio Zeng

Storyboards & VisDev

Amalendu Kaushik

Character Design

Ashil Shaji


Amalendu Kaushik


Ashil Shaji

Arindam K Dutta

Rejath R

Amalendu Kaushik

Vipul Barla

Compositing & Post Production

Vipul Barla


Amin Hajee Film Company

Experience the enchanting animated logo reveal for Amin Hajee's film company and T-series Films' "Koi Jaane Na." Join 'Baga' from Lagaan as he discovers an oasis in a scorching desert, marking the end of his arduous journey and the start of something new. Feel the heat, witness the mirage, and bask in Baga's joy as he finds respite.