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Behavioral Activation



Quicksand Design Studio

Storyboards & Character Design

Jignesh Chavda

Amalendu Kaushik


Jignesh Chavda

Art Direction

Studio Zeng


Rejath R

Amalendu Kaushik

Vipul Barla

Jignesh Chavda

Nikhil Shrestha

Compositing & Editing

Vipul Barla


Sangath India

Amidst the escalating mental health crisis, we discover solace in the remarkable efforts of Mental Health professionals and their invaluable contributions to therapies and coping mechanisms. Among these approaches, Behavioral Activation stands out as a powerful technique utilized to assist individuals in managing anxiety and depression.

In this context, we present a video specially created for the non-profit organization Sangath, a pioneering force in the mental health arena since 1996. Their unwavering dedication has helped countless individuals on their journey to improved well-being.